New data from the Colorado Division of Housing shows mixed results for foreclosure filings in April in the Northern Colorado region.

In Larimer County, foreclosure filings increased 30.1 percent year-over-year in April from 73 to 95. In Weld County, filings decreased 9.9 percent from 161 in April 2011 to 145 a year later.

Foreclosure filings numbers provide a view of how many borrowers have become seriously delinquent in their loans.

Foreclosure sales were down in both counties, with Larimer seeing a decrease of 43.8 percent year-over-year in April from 64 to 36. Weld saw a decrease of 35.5 percent in the same period from 110 to 71.

Statewide, filings went up, by 7.3 percent to 2,075 in year-over-year in April, and sales decreased by 36.2 percent to 1,024 in the same period.