CSU science has enabled the Bronx Zoo to expand its bison herd, something difficult to accomplish as pure-bred bison numbers dwindle in North America.

CSU researchers earlier this summer successfully reproduced a pure-bred bison calf in New York, thousands of miles from Yellowstone National Park, where the implanted embryo originated.

CSU reproductive physiologist Dr. Jennifer Barfield and her team non-surgically implanted the embryo from a bison maintained at the CSU Animal Population Health Institute's wildlife research facility in Fort Collins. 

"This science illustrates that we can engineer breeding of pure-bred bison to be disease-free despite the diseases that can afflict the bison population at Yellowstone," said Barfield.

"This is a great achievement to add to our list of accomplishments at the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory," said Thomas Hansen, director of the lab at CSU. "We can use these genetics so they can go into other herds. The project will serve as a model for mitigating diseases, particularly brucellosis, in genetically viable bison."