FORT COLLINS — An Old Town neighborhood group has formed to fight a petition to repeal city ordinances limiting the size of homes in Old Town Fort Collins.

Protect Our Old Town Homes supports the city's recently adopted ordinance affecting development on the Eastside and Westside neighborhoods downtown.

The ordinance, passed by the Fort Collins City Council in early March, is intended to prevent the construction of large homes that some say disturb the historical continuity of the area.

Similar rules were approved two years ago, then repealed after a petition was submitted.

The rules were developed after a year-long public survey called the Eastside Westside Neighborhoods' Character Study.

Some residents of the neighborhoods complained that large homes downtown block sublight, affect privacy and "tower over" smaller homes, according to a release from Protect Our Old Town Homes.

The Fort Collins Board of Realtors has offered its thoughts on the ordinance.

A statement issued by the group last month says that "there is not a demonstrated problem with oversized homes and the issue of preserving neighborhood character related to size concerns are addressed by several other proposed options."

Others are opposed to the ordinance.

A group of residents filed a notice of petition in mid-March with the Fort Collins City Clerk. The petition calls for the ordinance's repeal and requires 2,809 signatures.

In response, Protect Our Old Town Homes will encourage residents not to sign the petition.

The language in the petition had to be approved by the City Clerk by Monday. If the petition is approved, the residents behind it have 20 days to get the required signatures.